6 Lifestyle Tips to Get a Glowing Skin

6 Lifestyle Tips for a Glowing Skin

Introduction – Why ‘lifestyle’ for a glowing skin?

Have you ever wondered how well-known models and actresses bring that shiny attractive glow on their faces? What’s the secret behind that? By now, many of you must have assumed that you will see a list of expensive facewashes and lotions ahead! But hold your attention! We aren’t going to do that! Because its not the facial products which helps one to get that glow! Its their lifestyle that leads them in getting a glowing skin!

Skin is the first thing that 99% percent of people notice when they see you. It is something that not just makes you look attractive but also describes how much you love and caretake for yourself.

Studies prove that an individual becomes way more confident when they have clear and glowing skin. 

This article will disclose the top 6 steps that will give you the same glowing and attractive look that you find on Priyanka Chopra’s face!

To get the glow on your skin, you don’t need any expensive lotions or moisturizers. Just taking care of a few things can give you some highly pleasing results! 

Things do take time but trust me, they last longer! 

Here are the six lifestyle tips for a naturally glowing skin:

1. Water Intake

The first and foremost rule to get acne and spot-free skin is to eliminate the toxins from the body. The more clean your body is from the inside, the better will be your skin from the outside.

Drink 3 to 5 liters of water every day. This habit ensures a regular elimination of toxins from your body. Preferably, avoid refrigerated water since that’s not good for your digestion. 

Some studies prove that drinking four glasses of water just after waking up in the morning is the best practice to detox the body. Even Yoga suggests this practice for its numerous benefits. If you can’t have four glasses, start with two and increase the quantity eventually.

2. Sweat releasing workouts

Although having enough water every day is a great way to throw away the toxins from the body, sometimes that’s not enough. You must perform workouts at least 3 to 4 times a week to get good results. It doesn’t just ensure a toxin-free body, but this also improves your blood circulation and muscle flexibility.

Good blood circulation ensures an efficient supply of vitamins and minerals to various parts of the body, thereby making the cells more alive.

There is a practice that improves not just facial blood circulation but also helps in improving your memory and brainpower significantly. It is the practice of Anulom Vilom Pranayama (alternative breathing). Anulom Vilom is highly underrated for its skin health improvement function. 

3. Balanced Diet

When I say diet, I never mean having salads and that tasteless broccoli all the time! When I mention it, I denote avoiding unnecessary foods that cause an imbalance in the body. It includes the too spicy, oily, and sugary ones. The reason is that such foods put a load on your digestive system, increase the heat in the body and also raise your blood insulin levels which cause pimples.

Well, you can have natural sugar without any restrictions! Sugarcane juice and fruits are good sources of natural sugars. Citrus fruits like Oranges, grapefruit, and lime are highly recommended because they are high in Vitamin C that is something your skin always needs to be well maintained. Vitamin D, E, and K are other nutrients that ensure good skin health. Make sure you don’t miss them!

Don’t have foods prepared in unhygienic conditions, which you especially see in restaurants. Such foods cause inflammation and might cause rashes on your skin.

Bonus Tip: Instead of having milk-made tea/ coffee, you can have a glass of lemon water with some honey every morning. This helps you avoid the early wrinkling of the skin and generates more of a healthy substance called ‘collagen’ in the body that hydrates your skin.

4. Detox your body

Just like you cleanse your body from the outside by taking a bath every day, you also need to clean it internally regularly. But how? Well, that’s not as difficult as it looks. You just have to consume a plate of salad or just cucumber before your lunch every day. 

You can also have detoxifying juices like Aloe vera juice, bottle guard juice, neem juice, or amla juice in the morning twice a week. Such juices not flush out the toxins from the body but also improve your immunity power.

5. Skincare

In a developing country like India, pollution is just another environmental problem that is causing harm to people in numerous ways.

One should always cover their face with either a scarf or face mask when traveling. 

If not, the harmful particles present in the air will get settled on the pores of your skin and block them that ultimately cause pimples and irritation on the skin.

Washing the face with only normal water thrice a day is a good practice. You don’t have to use a facewash every time. Making use of it once a day is pretty enough!

6. Use of chemical-free products

By following the above five steps you will yield a very positive outcome. But if you still wish to enhance more the glow of your skin, you can apply moisturizers and lotions every alternate day.

Although we don’t promote any beauty products, but you can still go for chemical-free products since they are harmless in the long run.

You can apply some natural remedies as well. Trust me, Natural remedies are way better than artificial products! Applying fresh cream, lemon juice, Multani Mitti, or other ayurvedic face pack is a great way to make your skin glow naturally.


Skin is one of the most dominant factors determining your beauty. Almost 99 percent of people notice your face even before they notice your dressing sense, communication skills, and character. When your skin has such an important role to play, why let that go in vain?

In a time where even the air surrounding you causes harm to your skin, taking the necessary care of it becomes very important. Did you know? By taking care of your diet, water intake, workouts, and regular body detox you can make your skin glow like any famous actress or model? Yes. You can.

In the above article, we have mentioned six lifestyle tips that get you a glowing and attractive skin in just a span of 1 month!

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